The Challenge

Do you ever wonder why your presentation seems to fall short of your expectations and you’ve done everything to make sure it wouldn’t? These interactive workshops are designed to unleash the power within and to build on your already existing presentation skills to ensure your success.

The Solution

In an Engage on Stage℠ workshop, you will learn how to plan a performance and develop performance skills sets that will help bring your performance to life. You will learn to be a more effective performer by using non-verbal communication to engage your audience and keep them engaged. With these skills, and many more, we will build a road map to your standing ovations. These workshops are interactive, educational, inspiring and fun.

Planning an Effective Presentation

Delivering your presentation/performance effectively involves using a proven four-step process. Learning these valuable steps will give you the confidence and guidelines required to ensure your success.

The Power of Presence

Within each of us is a wonderful psycho-physical power that can be used to hold our audience’s attention. It is called “presence”. Find out how you can source and use techniques established by actors, to develop “your power” and how you can apply them to your presentation/performance.

Coping with Stage Fright

Discover the myths of stage fright! Your task is to transform your intense feelings of fear and anxiety into the energy of passion so you can connect directly with your audience. As you give yourself permission to be genuine, your fear dissolves into a captivating connection with your audience.

You Don’t Have to Say it to Convey It

Non-verbal communication such as facial expressions, movements, gestures, eye contact and body language are extremely important, and in some instances, more powerful than the spoken word. Learn how to use this “silent language” to convey your true feelings and become skilled at how to use body language to keep the attention of your audience.

Workshop Objectives


Learn the easiest way to plan and prepare for your success

Reach Your Potential

Unlock the power from within

Sharing with Your Audience

Discover the magic within your material to bring your performance to life

Develop Strengths

Learn to transform nerves from a negative force into positive nervousness


Convey Your Message

Understand how non-verbal communication impacts your performance


See Results

Learn how to unleash the power of visualization

We Can Provide…


Live Coaching

Face-to-face coaching complemented by follow-up calls and email support

Internet Coaching

Coaching over the Internet (powered by Skype or Zoom) complemented by follow-up calls and email support

Written Performance Package

Develop and author an effective performance package

Choreography Plan

Develop and implement a stunning choreography plan either in-person or remotely

Intensive Workshops

Click here for a list of our workshops

Video Assessment

Receive an audio review and critique of your video performance

  • Improved Presentation Scores 80% 80%
  • Better Audience Connection 60% 60%
  • More Standing Ovations 75% 75%
  • More Show Bookings 60% 60%

For the last several years, Theresa Weatherbee has taught classes and coached quartets and choruses at the Mid-Atlantic District’s Harmony College East in Maryland. As the Dean of the school, I can say with complete confidence that Theresa is welcome to teach whenever she is available and willing! It is my feeling that her presence at our school means that folks will emerge with a better understanding on how to perform a song and enhance their understanding of what the composer was trying to say.

Ron Knickerbocker

Dean, Harmony College East

Faces 4 Radio had the privilege to first meet and work with Theresa at the Mid-Atlantic District Harmony College in Salisbury, MD in summer 2013. We were blown away with her ability to have us get inside our music, and pay less attention to extraneous obstacles. Theresa’s passion not only helps her students, but ultimately the audience to enjoy the fruits of her labor.

Mark Sanders

Faces 4 Radio, 2014 BHS International Senior Quartet Champions

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