What is stage presence? It’s not something that you can always see physically, it’s more often felt by the audience. It’s an energy level that comes from within the performer, you could call it “the emotional effect”. Presence is an understandable sense of being all here, always in the moment, physically, mentally and emotionally. Within each one of us there is a power that can be used to hold our audiences captivated. I call it the “power of presence”. It gives you a masterful command of yourself and it commands the attention of others. It flows through you and out to others as a powerful energy. When flowing, your presence can literally fill a room and draws an audience to you. The audience wants to be moved emotionally, mentally and physically, this can only be done when you display that on the stage.

I am not just talking about your presentation skills, I’m talking about the power of your heart, and how it can create a real connection with the souls of your audience. You cannot create this presence by working it from the outside; it is strictly an inside job. I remember a director once telling me, “The audience knows when to believe you, it’s when they look into your eyes”. That kind of honesty can only be felt when the audience sees the real you. Great performers are trained to stay focused while expressing their true feelings from within. You can use techniques established by these performers to develop your power of presence. Do you have the power? Do you know the steps you need to take to develop your stage presence?”