Meet Theresa Weatherbee, better known as “The Finisher,” founder and principal consultant for Engage on Stage℠.

They call her “The Finisher” because after you have done everything you can to create and deliver an effective performance, Theresa comes in and takes it to the next level. She specializes in making your performance “A” level; artistic, natural, believable and exciting!

Theresa Weatherbee is a dynamic, talented, professional performance trainer who works with public speakers, singers, presenters, musical theatre performers, dancers and educators. She trains individuals to take their existing performance skills to new heights.

How important do you believe these skills are to your success?
  • On-Stage Presence 80% 80%
  • Musical Ability 60% 60%
  • Connecting with the Audience 90% 90%
  • Building a Character 70% 70%
  • Stage Presence 80% 80%
  • Non-verbal Communication 80% 80%

Theresa teaches you to develop your artistic and natural side by providing specific and constructive feedback. She brings all the elements of her training and stage experience into her coaching sessions.  Theresa believes every performer possesses a unique personality and individual characteristics that empowers them to greatness on their stage.

Theresa is a trusted adviser and has taught, guided and mentored all over the world. Known for her “all-consuming passion” for the stage, Theresa specializes in helping the performer improve their current performance skills and inspires them to own their performance.

Believing that you lead by example, Theresa is a model performer. She has had over thirty-five years on the stage, singing, dancing and acting. Her latest work has been in front of the camera in film and TV productions.

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Theresa has a special gift when it comes to creating visual concepts. She takes you outside your comfort zone and the result was a performance that set new standards in Barbershop. Trusting her and believing in her artistic vision was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done. Doug Harrington

Zero 8

2014 Barbershop Harmony Society 5th Place Medalist

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