Perform with purpose. Entertain your audience through naturalness and authenticity as you bring life to your performance when you Engage On Stage!

Are you…

...the public speaker who wants to improve your skills?


...the singer/actor who needs to get ready for the next performance?


...the CEO getting ready for your next State of the Company address?


...the corporate liaison looking to improve your company's image in the media?


...the salesman who can't seem to close the deal?


Do you…

...want to know how to connect with your audience?


...have problems with stage fright or panic attacks?


...have a part in a play or movie that you want to nail?


...have media obligations that make you nervous?


...hate to make presentations, but it's part of your job?

Trocadero Quartet from Sweden
If any of these statements ring true to you, then we’re the team for you.

Presentation/performance consulting is very personal…

  • Your needs require a customized plan that suits your requirements
  • You need a coaching system with genuine staying power that can produce dramatic and measurable results over both the short and long term
  • You need Engage on Stage℠

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Theresa has taken our chorus to another level. Her insight on the characterization of a performance and focus on individual accountability have made our performances dynamic and inspiring. Matt Webber

Music Director, SmorgasChorus

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